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Good Pickin’

Zac and Renee PattenIt was a great evening.  The atmosphere was calm and relaxed on Friday.  picking blackberriesWe really enjoyed listening to the music and watching everyone fill their buckets easily.  Birds chimed in every now and then with the tempo, and even some far off thunder happened for emphasis!  Everyone was happy to be outside in the breeze and it was easy to imagine yourself in a movie with a beautiful soundtrack.

It rained later in the evening, so the day was cut a little short.  But there were plenty of blackberries picked. More and more ripen every day.  Tuesday June 30th should be a great day to pick 7 – 11 AM and again 4 – 8PM.  The length of the blackberry season is never as long as you would like it to be, so get them while you can.  Quick Link to hours HERE.

cobblerSelfieSome eat the blackberries here right off the vine because we farm with safe organic practices. This little girl thoroughly enjoyed herself on Friday evening.  While her folks were busy picking into the bucket, she was making good use of her time from her stroller.  Wait, did she take a “selfie”?  There is no denying that even very young kids are technologically savvy these days!  She is also a blackberry connoisseur and her endorsement of our berries is written all over her face.

The less you handle the berries, the better – including after you get home.  If you aren’t going to use them right away and want to freeze some, I find it easiest to freeze the berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet first for several hours, and then put them in a freezer bag.  That way they remain as individual berries and you can measure out what you need with ease and put the rest back in the freezer.  I’ve recently been asked about what blackberry cobbler recipe I use.  I originally used this recipe for blueberries, but you can essentially use any similar fruit, and blackberries work great.  Here is the link to the “Best Ever Blueberry Cobbler.  Watch the video as there is a secret ingredient that is not listed in the written version!  Go ahead and double it, your family and friends will thank you.


The wildflowers by the road finally decided to bloom.   Pictured in this photo are Coreopsis flowers.  These are the “Plains” variety.  Coreopsis are high on my list of bee friendly plants because they are easy to grow, are somewhat drought tolerant, bees love them, and they have a really long bloom time.  Butterflies are also attracted to them and they come in a tremendous number of colors and variations.  You can also readily find seeds for them in WalMart and even Big Lots.  If you get the chance to grow them, you won’t be disappointed.  The hardest part about growing wildflowers is not mowing them down before they bloom because they look like weeds.  Patience is required and if your spouse is weed eater happy, you may need to print out a photo and show them the potential if they just “Let it Grow!”

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to Zack and Renee Patten.  Two wonderful, multi-talented artists who will forever be dear to our hearts.  We are honored to know them.  Their journey has just begun to greatness!

Pick & PLAY Fun!

Pick&PLAYBlackberry SmileWow!  Friday’s Pick & PLAY was so much fun! The music was great, the blackberries were plentiful and beautiful smiles were everywhere.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are several photos and a video too!  Great smiles are contagious especially when you have a bucketful of blackberries just waiting to be eaten.  The berries are easy for anyone to pick, tall or small… this handsome blackberry picker had no trouble finding some samples.  The weather was warm, but no one seemed to mind.  CaseWe are so grateful that it didn’t rain.  Zach and Renee Patten were our featured musicians.  They really set the mood with the music that they chose and the quality with which they play.  The music just floated over the entire berry patch.  The terraces have a natural amphitheater effect.  We had a surprise guest artist, who played the flute named Emily Jarrell.  She was terrific!  Not only did she play solo, but she also joined in with Zach and Renee on a few songs.  She enjoyed her free cup of berries.  Renee played a special instrument on Friday, it was her Grandmother’s violin.  She thoughtfully keeps a photo of her Grandmother with the violin in the case as a remembrance.

Renee PattenZachTrio


Sweet & Tasty

Blackberries were still the most abundant.  Lots of people found Raspberries and Blueberries too.  The good part is that you can pick whatever berries you want in the same bucket, there is no price difference.  Mix and match is perfectly fine.  Here are two sisters that had a great time together picking and eating berries.  What a nice big sister to have!  They definitely enjoyed this special berry picking outing and making memories.  I have to share a quote from the little sister, who had just turned 5… it was, “Hey, your berries are so Sweet and Tasty!”   There was no video camera that captured it, but believe me, there was extreme cuteness all over it.

One More Time

Pick & PLAY in the berry patch is definitely an experience that you won’t find every day. (Mobile Devices – Hours Quick Link HERE.) It will happen once more though – on Friday June 26th.  We are having another Pick & PLAY event this coming Friday from 4 PM – 7 PM.  If you missed the event on the 19th, you will have one more chance to hear live music while you pick berries… and you can join in if you bring an instrument.  This video (below) is a very small sampling of what it was like this past Friday at RabbitEye Farm’s Pick & PLAY music event.  Hope you can come out this coming week.  It’s great family fun that is delicious and nutritious.

Our hours this week are:  Tuesday June 23rd 7 AM – 11 AM and 4PM – 7 PM.  On Friday, June 26th, the hours are 4PM – 7 PM  (there is no morning pick on Friday in preparation for the evening Pick & PLAY)  so come on out this week on Tuesday or Friday.  We will definitely have berries that have officially been endorsed as “Sweet and Tasty!”

How Berry Cute!

Cute Berry PickersThese two are so Berry Cute!  Blackberry juice on your chin is a good thing to have happen.  It’s summertime alright, and this is a great way to make good friends, good memories, and if you’re lucky someone will make you an awesome Blackberry Cobbler too!  More berries are ripening every day.

This Friday, there is no morning pick in preparation for the evening Pick & PLAY music event, which is from 4 PM – 7 PM.  We are very excited about this and will have lots of berries available for you.  We provide buckets with liners for picking but you may want to bring a blanket to sit on if you want to listen to the music for a while. If it rains, the music may not happen, but the berries will be ready!

Valley Times NewsIn the news

Our farm has had some wonderfully written press lately with great pictures too.  Both the LaGrange Daily News and The Valley Times News have excellent reporters.  Here is a link to  the LaGrange Daily News article titled “Farmer Has Big Plans”   The Valley Times News also has a direct link to their article entitled, “Pick Your Own Fresh Berries Offered at RabbitEye Farm.” The Valley Times News reprinted the directions the following day, so just use the directions and map that we provide on the website HERE.

Blackberry SmileThis warm weather is plumping up the berries nicely.  The Blackberries are ripe when they practically fall off the vine into your hand.  It’s a funny thought that Blackberries are still “green” when they are red.  Even though they look good red, they have to be entirely black if you want to eat them plain.  Some have said that they purposely pick some red ones if they are making jelly as the red Blackberries help it to jell.  Apparently, that is how they used to make jelly back before you could buy pectin.  I didn’t know that.

At RabbitEye Farm, the Blackberries are still the most abundant, then Red Raspberries, which we are still surprised about.  The Blueberries haven’t grown up quite enough yet this year.  There is still one more variety to ripen called “Ochlockonee”, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll let you know.

The next big thing for us is our Pick & PLAY music event this Friday June, 19th and again on June 26th, 2015.  Live music in the berry patch!  Listen while you pick berries or just sit and listen or bring an instrument and join in.  4PM – 7 PM.  We can’t control the weather, but if it rains, come on out anyway, there will be berries to pick.  Maybe you can get blackberry juice on your chin too.

OK, You want to come out anyway?

There are very few berries left, and it’s threatening to rain, but if you want to come out anyway and hunt for a berry and socialize, then come on out.  I’m a little in a panic because I can’t predict the weather… and I could not predict the number of berries that were picked this morning.  It may be just socializing and looking at the farm, but you are welcome.  This is our second day ever opening our farm and I don’t really know how to do all this.  Just know that you are welcome to stop by this evening 4 – 7PM.