Monthly Archives: March 2016

Introduction to No-Till, Weed-Free Gardening

Gray Hill School FarmTo introduce Gray Hill School Farm to the community, RabbitEye Farm is hosting the school’s workshops for No-Till, Weed-Free gardening. These workshops will introduce participants to the joys of gardening with less work. In each session you will learn how to prepare a garden for Spring planting from a patch of ground not previously used as a garden. The goal is to help as many families, churches, and organizations as possible to get started with their various gardening projects before spring planting.

This is a Gray Hill School Farm Event

There will be no cost to participants, but donations will be accepted.  All donations go toward the efforts of Gray Hill School Farm, a not for profit organization, to do research and educate our community to live abundantly through sustainable practices.  Participants without access to cardboard and cover mulch (such as woodchips, pine straw or leaves) can take some home in their own containers or feed sacks. Currently we have 2 sessions scheduled 10am and 2pm- Saturday March, 5 and also 2 sessions 10am and 2pm- Saturday March, 12. (this may be extended another Saturday if interest is high)