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Berry Picking Season Opening!

Blackberry 2016Blue2016
RabbitEye Farm first pick of the 2016 season on
Sunday June 5th.

From 6AM to 10AM and again from 5PM to 9PM.

It’s difficult to predict exactly when enough blueberries, blackberries and an occasional red raspberry will be ripe but this is a pretty good guess. We took these photos today (Memorial Day).


Unripe2016BlueAbout a week ago

We have lots of berries in all stages of becoming ripe.  Here is an amazing sight of how the blackberry and blueberry bushes looked about a week and a half ago.

Pick early or pick late this berry season.  We are taking advantage of the early cool breezes of the day and evening shade by being open in the early morning and the late evening.  Our regular picking days will be on Sundays and on Thursdays with these same hours.

We are limiting the picks to 2 days a week to make sure the bushes have renewed the berries enough for a good experience.  Extra pick days may be added according to how things measure up and, of course, Mother Nature’s decision on when to provide rain.  We will keep you posted here on this website and also on our Facebook Page.

SistersWe use no pesticides and grow our berries with only sustainable organic practices.  We eat them right off the vine and we encourage you to taste the subtle differences between the varieties.  Let us know which berry and which variety you like the best.  Our blackberries have no thorns and little ones as well as adults can reach both the blackberries and the blueberries easily. We hope you come out this berry season and taste the summertime in our blackberries and blueberries!

“They’re sweet and tasty!”

(yes, that is a direct quote from this happy customer)



Wildflowers Don’t Hurry

wildflowers2016If you think turtles are slow, try growing wildflowers.  They are in their own happy world and on their own schedule.  For someone who likes to mow grass, leaving this patch “to the wild” was difficult (see photo), especially since it is near the road and near our farm sign.  But, I love my bees and wanted to prove that I could actually grow a variety of wild blooming plants.  Wildflowers continue to bloom through the mid and late summer when bees have difficulty finding enough flowers to visit. The bees are doing quite well this year, I’m happy to report.  If the great weather continues, they should be quite content.

TulipPoplarBlossomThis is a photo of a Tulip Poplar blossom and this tall tree is one of the main reasons for a good honey flow.  Even though the blossoms don’t last long, they are full of nectar and bees love them.

JasmineThe Jasmine this year is divine!  I’ve really enjoyed sitting near the open window and breathing in their sweet scent.  Visitors have asked what wonderful plant they are smelling in the air.  This is the white, dark leaved Confederate Jasmine, not to be confused with Carolina Jasmine.  Carolina Jasmine has a yellow bloom and is reported to be toxic to bees, which is totally weird.  But Confederate Jasmine is the one you want.  It is cold hardy and a vigorous grower.

OakleafHydrangeaAnother great plant is the Oakleaf Hydrangea.  It is blooming right now and is great for shaded to semi-shaded areas.  The blooms are huge and last a long time.  Once it gets established, it is also quite self sufficient and hardy.  This one is thriving under some oak trees in the front yard.

GardeniaI just noticed the Gardenias are also blooming.  They are known for their intoxicating scent.  Keeping with our theme of easy keeper plants, this one fits the bill.  On top of looking and smelling fabulous, the Gardenia blossom is also edible.

Good things come to those that wait.

BBSo, as you can see, things are happening in the garden as well as in the berry patch.  Good things are around the corner.  It won’t be long – maybe a week and a half until RabbitEye Farm will be open for Blackberry and Blueberry picking.  This photo is a sneak peek at how things are ripening up…