We grow a type of blueberry called the “Rabbit Eye” Blueberry!  That’s how we got our name… from this tried and true, consistently good and productive variety.  The originators were reminded of the eyes on a white rabbit when the fruit was a beautiful pink color in its early ripening stage.  Blueberries go through many color changes before they are ripe.  Check out this blog about how to pick blueberries.

We planted in October of 2013 but began work way before that.  All the berries are grown on terraces, so there was a tremendous amount of planning involved before the first shovel full of dirt was moved.  Many permaculture practices are used here and these terraces are a good example with deep living soil and water retaining features.  They also provide a wonderful experience of walking on grassy flat surfaces and picking with ease.

Berry Season

Expected ripening time for the blueberries is the month of June, but may have a week on either side (last week in May and first week in July) depending on the weather.  Blueberries are so good for you.  They are delicious and we love to pick and eat them right off the bush.  That’s why we planted so many varieties.  To extend our picking season as long as possible!  We have early, mid and late ripening rows.  Come check out the subtle differences between how they look and how they taste.  Here are a few pictures.

Blue-7316New berriesBlueberries

The more these plants grow and fill out, the easier they will be to pick.  Since they are on flat terraces, you can reach the berries from both sides conveniently and easily.  You are always standing on flat ground. Picking from the higher terrace means you can reach the top of the plant easily.  These bushes have the potential to grow over 7 feet tall, however they will most likely get pruned back to around 5 feet tall for picking convenience.