RaspberryblueberriesThe day was terrific from beginning to end even in the rain.

6AM is not too early for some folks, and 9PM is not too late for others. The blackberries went early and so did a lot of the veggies, but there still are a ton of blueberries!  Some even found a few red raspberries. We had so many wonderful visitors even during the rain times!  Yep, its summertime and a little water didn’t stop these folks from having a good time.

Here is a slideshow of photos from our Opening Day 2017:


More blackberries will be ripe by this Sunday, June 4th, and next week they should be even better.  We’ve got loads of blueberries, plump and ripe. See it to believe it!  Thank you to everyone for coming out on opening day.

ThreeHow many blueberries will fit in your hand?

THREE!, what a cute photo!

Thank you for sending it to us.


Our next pick day is Sunday June 4th

Morning pick is 6AM to 10AM and

Evening pick is 5PM to 9PM


We will be open for Father’s Day!

It makes a great summertime berry-picking activity and you can keep the party going by making a delicious dessert once you get home!

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Last Modified: June 6, 2017