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Wedding to rememberWe haven’t posted much since summertime, but we’ve been busy – planning a wedding!  Back in mid summer, our son and his bride-to-be asked to get married at our farm below the blueberry terraces.  Of course, we said yes, and it has been tremendous fun working to get ready ever since.  We hosted the actual ceremony, the reception was at a nearby hall facility, so there was much less stress than you are probably imagining.


Planning an outdoor wedding opens up so many possibilities for creative thinking.  However, we started with logistics.  We determined where exactly it would take place, what time of day, and where folks would park.  We briefly discussed what we would do if it rained, and although we hoped it wouldn’t, the happy couple said they really wanted to get married on that spot, rain or shine.  Since they didn’t have a problem, we didn’t have a problem either.  

It was scheduled for October and the time of day was set for 5:00 in the evening, so we got 10 flickering glass and metal lanterns that each hung on a garden shepherds hook.  We decorated with Magnolia leaves, white pumpkins and white lights.  Our son built a cedar and iron gazebo that was just perfect – natural, sturdy, and festive.  It blended in with the natural surroundings while still representing the home that the couple will build together.  They asked his dad, my husband, to officiate, for which he was greatly honored.

The actual ceremony was very down-to-earth, meaningful but simple.  Rather than the traditional wedding march, the bride walked in to a beautiful violin arrangement of the Shaker Hymn “Simple Gifts”, composed in 1848 by Joseph Brackett.  This song was in the violinist’s repertoire and immediately jumped out as being absolutely perfect for this wedding.  Everything was coming together!

We watched the weather and rain was in the forecast.  Notifications went out that it may rain and to dress accordingly because this was an outdoor ceremony.  The chairs were to be kept on a small trailer in the barn to stay dry until the very last moment.  We knew that the violinist absolutely could not be in the rain.  When she came by on the rehearsal night to discuss the music, she suggested that she could play from a nearby porch which is on our barn and be protected from the rain. How wonderful is that?  She even had a high quality amp she was willing to bring since she would be a little further away from the ceremony.

It did rain. It rained fairly heavy at 5:00, so we looked at the radar and decided to wait 30 minutes for it to clear off.  No one panicked, there was no drama.  It was raining and it really didn’t take away from the experience, it enhanced it.  Our small house somehow accommodated all of the guests.  They seemed to enjoy the time to get to know each other and were quickly chatting away. Finally, the rain slacked and everyone quickly went outside. We didn’t bother with the chairs, everyone gathered around closely. The music played, the lanterns flickered, the groom was so handsome, the bride absolutely beautiful and it was magical.  She walked in to the beautiful music with rubber boots, an entourage of umbrella holders and a dress manager that proficiently kept the entire train of her gown dry. The umbrellas made the photos pop with color and all the guests became an integral part of the ceremony itself.

Yes, it rained, but this was a really great wedding, relaxed and fun, and it is likely to be remembered as being totally perfect.


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