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Few Berry Picking Days Left

2016BerriesThere are berries, but only one or two more berry picking days left. If you definitely want to pick berries one more time this summer, you should come on Thursday, June 30th. Early pick 6AM – 10AM and late pick 5PM – 9PM.  Check this website because depending on the number of berries, we MAY pick on July 3rd but that is not guaranteed.

CaliforniaNear and Far

We have a new winner for the farthest traveler to pick our berries!  The previous record holder was from Chicago, Illinois in 2015.  This year that record has been broken with these lovely folks who travelled back here all the way from California!  Near or far, health-minded individuals spend their time wisely here picking fresh berries grown with organic practices.  These berries are grown slowly and with no push from fertilizers.  Our honey is also produced slowly and with the bees’ best interest at heart.  We have been very fortunate this Spring to be able to offer honey for sale.  If you are wanting to try honey to offset allergies, you must purchase honey from a local beekeeper.  It has to be honey from hives that are within 20 miles or so of where you live and closer is even better.  If you are just looking for pure honey that tastes good, distance is not a factor, but you still need to go to the source, and buy from a beekeeper.

HatsThe Right Stuff

What do you need to pick berries?  Well, you don’t really “need” anything special to pick here since we provide the bucket and the liner to tote the berries home.  What is nice to have is a hat.  It’s not just for mid-day.  No matter what time of day, in Georgia, it’s a lot cooler in the shade.  A hat allows you to take your own shade with you as you walk and allows you to keep your hands free for picking.  Plus, they look great.

HelpersWhat else is nice to have?  Helpers!  Look at the ton of berries you can pick in no time with a little help? Being a good helper means you get more berries, you learn where food comes from and you spend time outdoors. Family or friend, good helpers are made of the “right stuff.”


Father’s Day Berry Picking

Father's Day berry pickingSunday’s berry picking was a great way to celebrate Dad. These two found a lot of berries together.  Some brought Dad for a special outing and others picked berries and made special desserts. Nothing says “love” to your family like a homemade dessert especially when you spent your time picking the berries fresh!  Berry DessertsHere are two photos of desserts submitted by customers.  Blueberry Ice Cream and Blackberry Cobbler.  Both look so yummy!  These photos are inspiring, thank you, Brittany and Sara, for sending them.

The weather on Sunday was absolutely beautiful.  It was breezy, with low humidity and temperatures in the 80’s!  After Thursday’s rain and hail storm, this totally made up for it.  Yes, this was a very unique and special way to spend time with family.  No one was in a hurry, which was great.  Plus, having a kid-led activity went over big with the Dads.  One Dad actually said it was the “Best Father’s Day ever!”  Oh, and once they were done picking berries, they still got to go home and enjoy eating them!


Our next pick is Thursday June 23rd and WE HAVE A LARGE GROUP SCHEDULED.  The Senior Center in LaGrange is having a berry picking trip here Thursday morning.  Please check this website or our facebook page before you come on Thursday to make sure enough berries are left.  By Sunday June 26th, loads more will be ripe.

Here is a slideshow of a few happy Dads


Fresh and Simple

FreshBerries are best fresh.  The nutritional value is at its highest point when you first pick the fruit.  Farm to table distance is a key factor that limits the fresh value in stores.  Picking berries at RabbitEye Farm, here in West Point, Georgia, provides your family with the freshest fruit possible. Knowing that our berries are grown without chemicals or pesticides is important too.  You can see that some parents let the children enjoy the fruits of their labor right away!  Good, and good for you! It’s not complicated, its simply fresh.

Pick Dates

We are open for picking Sundays and Thursdays in June.  Our times are:  Early pick: 6AM – 10AM, Late pick: 5PM – 9PM

The next two picks are Thursday June 16th, and then Sunday June 19th (Yes, we know it’s Father’s Day – we’re open! … bring Dad!)

TIP:  LARGE GROUP PLANNED on June 23rd – The Senior Center in LaGrange has scheduled a large group to come the morning of the 23rd of June.  We also welcome you on that date, but you may want to call to see how many berries are left after the morning group.  More ripen each day and the bushes are LOADED with berries that have yet to mature.

Share the Love

Happy customers make us happy.  We’re meeting so many wonderful people that we want to share some of their smiles with you.

Berry Picking FunFamily FunCute Berry PickerFun TimeFamilyBerry Picking  Thank you to everyone who came out.  Hope to see you again soon.

Big Smiles on Opening Day

Pretty in PinkBig beautiful smiles were everywhere Sunday at RabbitEye Farm for Opening Day.  It was cool in the morning, rained a little in the afternoon, got really humid for a while and then cooled back off later in the day.  Lots of BerriesMany folks were avid pickers and got some nice amounts.  By the end of the day, the rows were pretty well gleaned of the ripe berries.  As you can see from this first picture, there are a lot more berries ripening for Thursday’s pick.  The ripening process will continue all month, so there will be plenty for everyone.  It is best to come early in the day though.

We are happy to see that the blueberries have improved this year.  If you recall, the blackberries outperformed the blueberries by a large margin last year.  But the blueberries are catching up and are producing quite a few berries.  Hopefully the crows won’t pick them before you have a chance.  We’ve had to make two scarecrows and also have had to keep moving them around.  The crows here are smart and rather bold.  The dogs aren’t a help at all with keeping the birds out, so the idea of making another scarecrow that looks like a dog was quickly overruled.

Here are some happy berry pickers at our first pick of 2016.


big smiles

CutieI'm ready to pick berries


Upcoming pick times:

Sundays and Thursdays in the month of June
Early pick: 6AM to 10AM
Late pick: 5PM to 9PM

Ripening Blueberries
Picking is easy.  We provide the buckets with a liner so you can easily tote your berries home.  Hope to see you soon!