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Fresh Berries and Vegetables – What?

Plump berriesBerry Picking is Finally Here with Produce too!

These blueberries are so plump they practically fall into your bucket!  The first pick day is finally here and not a moment too soon! They are ripening faster than we had anticipated, so get them while you can.

gardenSomething NEW – We also have fresh produce available here at the farm during berry picking hours. Berries are pick your own and are plentiful, the vegetables are already picked and are available on first come first served basis.

A neighbor in our community is gardening on a section of our land and producing enough to sell to the public!  The idea of connecting gardeners with land is a Grayhill School Farm mission.  There is a write-up with photos on their blog.  You can read it HERE.

So, come get your fresh Berries and Produce and support local farming.  Get DIRECTIONS HERE

Thursday June 1st (We are open Thursdays and Sundays in June)
Morning Pick 6AM-10AM and Evening Pick 5PM-9PM

The bushes are loaded with ripe blueberries ready for eating and sharing with loved ones. Share this superfood with your friends and family. Eat them fresh, with ice cream, in cobbler, pancakes, smoothies, make blueberriy ice cream, blueberry crumble, blueberry granita, blueberry juice, and tons of other things.  You need to pick them while you can.  They are only available for a short time, so don’t delay – pick today!

Delicious Summer Fun

HandfulMemorial Day marks the beginning of summer fun and 2017 is going to be AWESOME for Blueberry Picking!  Here is a sneak peek at what we are getting already.  Our blueberries are ripening Fast and Furious and are definitely a part of summer fun. It may be that the bushes are more mature or perhaps because of the weather, but they are definitely bigger and more plentiful than last year.  Put RabbitEye Farm Blueberry Pickin’ on your list of June activities!

Our season opening is June 1st and the berries are ready!

We are open for picking “Thursdays and Sundays in June”. (There may be some extra “bonus” days added in too, since it looks like a bumper crop) We will keep you posted both on the website and on facebook.

Morning pick is from 6AM to 10AM and Evening pick is from 5PM to 9PM.  We provide buckets with liners to easily carry your berries home. The sizes are: a generous pint, quart, and 2½ quart pails. Prices are $4.00, $7.00, and $15.00.  (Same as last year.)

PoppiesMelonBerriesHave a Safe and Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Let the summer happiness begin! 

Berry Season Starts June 1st!

2016 BlackberriesJune is Berry Picking Month!

Berry Season is right on schedule in 2017 for the whole month of June and we are open for picking Thursday’s and Sunday’s beginning June 1st. Our schedule (and prices) are the exactly same as last year.

** THURSDAYS and SUNDAYS in June **
MORNING pick from 6AM-10AM 
EVENING pick from 5PM-9PM

We provide a bucket with a plastic liner for you to pick into, then you keep the clear liner to conveniently carry your berries home. You can pick blueberries, blackberries and you may also find some red raspberries.

Large Bucket is $15, Small Bucket is $7

Here is a photo of what the large bucket looks like when you lift out the liner.

Let the summer activities begin!

Feasting on fresh Blueberries and Blackberries is a part of summer fun and picking them yourself makes them the freshest berries possible. Our blueberries are ripening slightly ahead of the blackberries, but both will be ready Thursday, June 1st. This “May rain” will insure they are plump and juicy and ready for you.

We grow our berries with organic practices on grassy terraces, so they have no pesticides and are easy to pick.  The blueberry bushes are a little taller than last year, but are still easy for all sizes to reach. We suspect some of you are taller too!  We look forward to seeing you. Our blackberries are also thornless so they are easier to pick than wild ones.

Parking is plentiful – shade is readily available as well as restroom facilities.  Plan ahead for FATHER’S DAY (Sunday, June 18th) – Berry picking makes a great “kid-led” activity.

Doggie Bunk Beds

LilBit and Diesel's new doggie bunk bedsWhat do you do with multiple dogs and limited floor space?  You build doggie bunk beds!  Great Danes require rather large beds and fortunately, we have a foyer that is just the right size for this.

The bed is very sturdy and the whole thing is easily removable. We can take it down, sweep, and put it back together in no time.  It is built with ledgers on both sides and has sturdy slats just like a regular bed, then has 3/4 inch plywood on top of that.  For the padding we have 1 inch padded exercise flooring cut to size.  It is gray in the photo.

You may remember LilBit, our Great Dane, who has mega esophagus. (You can read more about her HERE.) She is three years old now, doing fine, and that is her in the top bunk. Diesel is her brother in the bottom bunk, and they are both loving this new setup.  We had a step so she could more easily hop up to the top.  It doubled as their food storage container, but she doesn’t use the step.

So far, so good with this idea.  As long as they don’t fight over who gets the top bunk, I think it will all be fine.