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Two more pick days left

Two more daysHow many? Two.

There are only a few pick days left in our 2017 berry season, maybe two, maybe three.  We are predicting two, but its really up to Mother Nature.  Our next pick day is Thursday, June 29th Morning pick is 6AM-10AM and Evening pick is 5PM-9PM.  Sunday, July 2nd will be the same hours.

There will be vegetables also available from Ron and Bonnie, who are managing the garden out front.  They are calling it Ron and Bonnie’s Plot, and will have veggies for sale during our pick days and even after berry season is over.  There will be a sign next to the garden that will say open or closed, since (with this weather) their hours are irregular.  Stop by their table, next to the garden, and buy locally grown, healthy produce.

Thank you to all the beautiful people who came out last week to pick.(slideshow below) This has been the rainiest berry season we’ve ever had. The blueberries have produced so well this year, even with all the rain, that we really can’t believe it. They started early and are still ripening.  We have several varieties that mature at slightly different times, so we’ve had lots of berries this entire month. The blackberries ripened very late for some unknown reason.  They are on an opposite slope from the blueberries, so that may have something to do with it. Next will be honey season.

Here are some of the beautiful people who took the time to pick fresh healthy berries for friends, family and themselves.

Heavy Bucket of Berries, no problem!

Heavy BucketPick Blueberries and Blackberries on Thursday June 22, 2017. Morning 6AM-10AM and evening 5PM-9PM

The berries may be heavy, but you will be able to carry them easily in our buckets.  When you finish picking, you keep the liner to carry the berries home gently and conveniently.

The season will not last very much longer, so get them while you can!  Blueberries and Blackberries are ripe and provide a high nutritional value.  Remember you can buy produce grown in the garden while you are here.  We also have fresh brown eggs $4/doz. Check out these handsome people (slideshow below) who got loads of berries on Fathers Day.

The weather was perfect for picking and eating fruit and veggies and just being in the great outdoors. We had a special Rope and Harness tree climbing event that we sponsored for the GrayHill School Farm, and those that participated had a blast. Thank you to everyone who came out.

What Makes You Happy?

SmilesShare the joy

Being with your favorite people in the great outdoors and eating delicious berries might be just the ticket to make you smile.  (We’ve seen some terrific smiles recently).

We are open for Father’s Day!

Make Dad happy with a great dessert that includes fresh picked berries. Nothing says “love” like a home made treat, especially when time was taken to pick the fruit! You can just bring Dad on out to help pick and share in the fun. Blueberries and blackberries are ripe.

Sunday June 18, 2017
Morning 6AM-10AM

Evening 5PM-9PM

During the evening pick (5PM-9PM), the GrayHill School Farm will be having a special rope and harness tree climbing activity. This is to help fund their mission of connecting growers with gardens. If you want to learn more about this farm school, visit their website at  Rope and harness tree climbing is a really cool way to have fun in the trees safely and at any height.  It uses arborist techniques and gear. Several folks can climb at once, so it is really fun and it might be something you want to do with Dad. An hour is $30, Half hour is $20 and Quarter hour is $15. All proceeds go toward their mission of connecting growers with gardens and teaching the community to easily grow healthy food.  Help support the local farming effort.

Thursday had some wild weather, but before it hit, several folks got some berries picked.  We are happy to hear from repeat visitors and find that picking berries has become a tradition. It’s also great to see how much kids have grown from one year to the next. One family from California said this is a highlight of their visit each year, which was very heart warming to hear.  We recently had a visitor from the Ukraine celebrate their second day in the United States by picking berries at our farm. She definitely wins for traveling the farthest!

Here are some photos of a few of the terrific folks from Thursday.