June 11, 2017More blackberries and blueberries are ripening each day.  Thursday, June 15th should be a great day for both types of berries.

Sunday June 11th was very relaxed with a steady amount of berry enthusiasts. (see slideshow below) It hasn’t rained all week here, which is completely the opposite of last week. The blackberries had a rather slow start this year, but they are now catching up to the blueberries. The blueberries are still ripening in large quantities – they ripened early and extremely heavy. We have several different varieties of blueberries, which are slightly different in taste, size, and ripening times, so their season is longer. There are also three different varieties of blackberries, and a few plants are still blooming, which is weird but true.

Something new this year is the vegetable garden out front. We’ve collaborated with GrayHill School Farm who has a mission of connecting gardeners with land, and that is exactly what happened. With the stipulation that he use only organic practices, our neighbor, Ron, has planted and tended a beautiful garden on our property.  He has more than enough for his family so he is selling the extra at his veggie stand out front.  He will be there with produce for sale. Cucumbers, green beans, squash, tomatoes, collards and cabbage are a few of the vegetables already harvested.

Come out Thursday to pick.  If you are a blackberry seeker, you are in luck, but its best to come early. We open in the morning 6AM-10AM and again in the evening from 5PM-9PM. We look forward to your visit.  You don’t need to bring anything because we supply picking buckets each with a liner.  You keep the liner to carry your berries home. So all you need to bring is your love for berries, and maybe a hat. 




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Last Modified: June 14, 2017